two chain bracelet-8

I am officially hooked on jewelry making! Yes, pun intended. It’s miraculously easier than I thought- well at least the simpler stuff I’m trying out. I’m sure once I get into beading and more complex designs I will be hitting my head on the wall like I usually do when learning new things.

two chain bracelet-4

two chain bracelet-2

I found this industrial gold chain at a Lowe’s hardware store that was having a closing sale. I was so excited to find chain on clearance and vowed to make something out of it asap. That was 6 months ago. But at least I used it! The black chain I found at JoAnne’s in the bead aisle. Making it was pretty simple. I weaved the two chains, secured them together with large gold jump rings and joined with a clasp. The hardest part was plying apart the gold chain which was not meant for jewelry making!

two chain bracelet-6

two chain bracelet-7

two chain bracelet-5

Super simple and I just love the chunky design! The best part? With my clearance chain procurement this only cost around a dollar to make!

love and candy,