Do you have friends that are so special that you don’t know what to get them for their birthdays? Me too! What about getting something just as unique as them- like a magical unicorn! Nope, unicorns aren’t just for kiddos- check out these super fun adult versions of everyone’s favorite mystical creatures. Okay, well maybe not everyone’s, but definitely mine.



1  | a unicorn inhabited terrarium

 2  |  unicorn candles (come in a bunch of colors if pink is too mystical for you)

3  |  a unicorn skull ring holder. slightly morbid but excessively cool

4  |  a unicorn shadow shower curtain

5  | a timeless tee

 6  | everyone could use a unicorn corkscrew

p.s. I secretly want to buy ALL of the above for myself!

love and unicorns,