Mine was! Thanks to the crew over at RawSpiceBar who sent me an awesome sampler of their  monthly spice box.

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RawSpiceBar is everything one wants from a monthly subscription service- unique, high quality and affordable. Each month they send out a spice box with three spices from around the globe, usually with a regional theme. My little package arrived with three freshly ground Norwegian spices in it: Gravlax, winter herbs and gingerbread spices. I’ve never even heard of Gravlax before (and I’m part Norwegian!) so it was fun to expand my spice horizons and try something new.

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The spices are each came individually wrapped and labelled with detailed descriptions of the spice and how to use it. The package also included a small recipe booklet with chef recommended dishes for each spice.

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At only $6 a month this is one of the most affordable subscription boxes available. Definitely a great gift idea for your foodie friends or that person who has everything. My only wish is that the little packages were re-sealable in case you don’t use all the spice at once. A small issue I easily overcame with the power of ziploc baggies!

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Now I just need to find a stellar gluten free gingerbread recipe to try.. any suggestions?