Once again this weekend round up is coming in late- I’ll stop apologizing and just accept the fact that stuff is pretty busy around here lately! I really like doing these weekend round ups because not only is it fun to reminisce on the weekend, but when it comes to scrapbooking/Project Life, it makes it really easy to remember what happened!

This weekend by part luck and part design we got to stay almost entirely downtown! Most weekends between visiting with friends and family we end up in some other part of Los Angeles for at least one day/night of the weekend, so it was a happy change.

Friday we had a girls night to celebrat one of my lovely friend Allison’s birthday. We started with a yummy champagne filled dinner at Soleto, and after went to a LA Film Festival event at LA Live. We ended the evening with a night cap at Perch, one of the best views of the downtown skyline. A perfect evening with the ladies, and all within walking distance of my place! Even though I maaay have taken a cab to dinner- half a mile seems a whole lot further when one is rocking heels!

On Saturday I got a chance to work on the blog and crafting. I upgraded to a new framework and am hopefully going to get some formatting changes going here soon. I’m definitely a newbie at coding and website design, but thankfully I have live in tech support-thanks Steve! In the afternoon we went down to Redondo to meet my sisters new dog- Tucker. It was the only time we had to drive anywhere the whole weekend- and was so worth it to see the cute puppy! What a ham.

Sat night we met up with some friends for StreetFoodCinema,which is basically a movie in park with lots of food trucks. What’s not to love? This week the venue was Exposition Park right by the Coliseum where my beloved Trojans play football- Fight On! We brought a picnic filled with wine, cheese, and candy (duh). We bought tickets based on the location and date, and turns out they were showing Rocky Horror Picture Show. None of us had seen it before and we were totally blown away. It was pretty nuts. People yelling things at the screen, props flying by us, and actors acting out the whole show. Not typically my kind of movie- but quite the experience!

Sunday I planned a little surprise date for Steverino. There was a deal on Travelzoo for a ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion so I grabbed us some tickets. I didn’t tell him where we were going and I was all excited to take the bus there and confuse him more/ impress him with my public transportation dominance.  Sadly, we missed the bus and ended up taking a cab.  I swear one day I will master public transport in LA, but not this weekend. We lunched at Tina Tacos, Patina’s little taco stand right by the concert hall. The tacos were a little on the pricey side, but really yummy. We had time for a drink and snacks by the fountains before heading in. I don’t make it to too many dance shows, and I was really impressed. It’s amazing how the dancers can make such complicated moves look SO easy! It was really fun to try something new, and I always love surprising Steve. He does so much for me and it’s fun to give back in little ways.

Now go have yourself an AMAZING weekend!

love and candy,