Its’ already the end of another weekend again and I am just getting around to documenting last weekend. WHERE does the time go? Anyway, last weekend was more low key than usual which I happened to love. I am valuing downtime more and more as life seems to get endlessly busier. Friday we went to Crossfit, ordered in from Pitfire Pizza, and had a Game of Thrones marathon. I am surprised at how much I like Game of thrones- not my typical kind of show but it’s so addicting! As good as it is, after a few episodes we were struggling to stay awake and we were out by midnight. A year ago staying in and being asleep before midnight meant I had the flu. Oh well, at least it makes Saturday mornings a lot more productive!

Saturday night was far more eventful. One of my besties is a member of the Spinsters, a social club for single women. They had their annual ball downtown and she invited 5 of us to join her. The ball was at Cicada, a gorgeous venue downtown that is very 1920’s glamorous. Because it was so close to where we live I offered to host a pre-ball gathering with adult beverages and snacks.

Of course I used this as an excuse to buy excessive amounts of my favorite cheeses and wine. I will suffer through the extras as not to waste anything :)



The event itself was so fun. There were dancers, an open bar, and a great band to dance to. It was basically like a wedding minus the ceremony- amazing decorations, formal dinner, and even a photo booth!





Sunday we reverted to our chill ways, running errands, cooking and working on our hobbies.



Steve cooked us up a delicious steak dinner and then watched a cool documentary on skid row which is not far from where we live. I thought some of the opinions were one sided but it was informative and also interesting to hear some of the history and political issues surrounding the area. I think it’s great that downtown is gentrifying and I am happy to be a part of it, but there are definitely issues surrounding the changes that are taking place. It’s important that there are places and resources for the poor and homeless so they are not displaced during the process. Good food for thought.

Hope your weekend was and is fabulous!

love and candy,