Sometimes you just need a weekend at home. I love travel as much (if not more) than the next girl, but after sticking around town for the first time in over a month I gotta admit it feels awesome. It’s Sunday and instead of being exhausted, I actually feel like I had a weekend!  We still did a lot but not having to deal with airports or suitcases felt luxurious. Here’s a low down on the weekend happs~ wknd 9 29 14 (1 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (3 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (2 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (4 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (5 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (6 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (7 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (3 of 3) wknd 9 29 14 (8 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (1 of 3) wknd 9 29 14 (2 of 3) wknd 9 29 14 (9 of 10) wknd 9 29 14 (10 of 10)

Friday we had a “family” date night, meaning we took the pups out on the town with us. It was Steve’s idea and I loved it. It prevented the guilt you feel when you come home from work just to leave the poor dog again. So we took Ries with us. Fam date night started with a walk to Wurstkuche for some eats. Steve of course had to try the exotic meats, such as rabbit and rattlesnake, while I stuck with a classic bratwurst. Some may call my choice boring, I call it “classic”.  We may have different meat preferences, but we both agreed on large fries and some tasty Belgium brews. After our feast we walked to Angel City Brewery which is right across the street and also dog friendly. I’ve been to Angel city a few times, but never on a Friday night. The place was packed! We even had to wait in (a short) line. We played connect 4 and sipped on some beverages while the dog sat under the table and played with another dog also on a family date night. I love being in walking distance to such a fun spot!

Saturday I visited the cutest child in the world, aka my niece Baby V. No wonder USC won. After some quality baby and sister time, it was time for some Trojan football. Every season I feel older and older when I get on campus and see how young the students look. It was fun to hang out with the little sis and I felt better about myself when we beat some college kids at beer pong- woohoo we still got it! And so did USC, pulling off an amazing victory over the Beavers. Made for a happy girl.

Sunday started off the way all good Sundays should- with brunch. We were feeling pretty lazy after an aggressive day of college football, so we went to the dangerously convenient restaurant below our loft, Artisan House. They have this all you can eat buffet on Sundays that is quite ridiculous. Think plates and plates of bacon. At least that’s what Steve gets. After brunching we of course had to hike to feel better about ourselves. We hit up Elysian because it is also super close and not too strenuous for a Sunday. The icing on the weekend cake was having a double date- with our moms! Our moms actually had never met before which is a little nuts because we have been dating for almost four years, but living in different states will do that to you. So we finally got them both in one restaurant and bonded over some delicious Tex-Mex at Bar Ama. It went very well. Phew. Wedding still on!


love and candy,