Friday has unofficially become DTLA date night and I’m loving it. By the time Friday night rolls around I’m 50% excited and 50% exhausted. So doing something low key with the boy is a perfect solution. This Friday before date night we literally dragged ourselves to Crossfit for a workout. We almost opted for happy hour instead, so I will give myself public kudos for the good decision. After we ventured to Little Tokyo for dinner at Enya Sushi. It was our first time there and we enjoyed it. According to Steve the sushi was good. I hate all things fish and It’s kind of hard to mess up an avocado roll, so you will have to take his word for it. The night ended glamorously: We I watched This is 40 while Steve fell asleep on the couch.

Saturday morning was idyllic- featuring a large latte and a massage at a local massage place, the emperory. After I headed to Santa Monica for a friend’s birthday. After some good times at Big Dean’s near the pier, we ended up at the Bungalow for the rest of the evening. We had so much fun that we forgot to eat dinner, and between the massage toxins and the lack of food- well, let’s just say I felt sub-awesome on Sunday! Thankfully I recovered and was able to check out my little sisters new digs at USC (oh the memories!) and have some 21 choices. –see last weekend’s round up for renewed obsession. Then Steve and I tried something new called “kitchen karate”. Basically, we cooked up a whole bunch of food for the week. It was actually pretty fun! You spend 40 minutes chopping, 40 seasoning, and 40 cooking. It took us longer to cook because we were sharing bbq space on our roof, but all in all we really enjoyed it. It will also help cut down on the random restaurant nights during the week due to laziness our busy schedules. Definitely worth trying!

love and candy,