Confession:  I fell asleep at 7pm on Friday. And not on purpose! After work I met up with Steve for our Friday flight night tradition at Buzz. We planned to grab dinner and then go see The Great Gatsby. The only showing near us was at 11:20pm and we wanted to make sure to last through it (it’s been a long week!). So after flight night we decided to take a 30 minute “power nap”. Instead we woke up at midnight totally confused! Not sure what happened to the “alarm” we set. So we laughed, turned over, and went back to sleep until 7am. I have no idea the last time I slept for 12 hours was but it felt great!

All the sleep made Saturday a very productive day. We cleaned, shopped and chowed down on some epic burgers at The Counter. It’s so cool that they have gluten free buns! They don’t taste as great as the real thing, but definitely fulfilled my burger cravings. Steve (of course) had the one pound burger- it was massively awesome.


Saturday night we had a fun double date. Our friends were sweet enough to cab in from the Westside which was awesome- I love exploring downtown with friends!  We started the evening with some vino on the rooftop and then walked to Mas Malo for dinner. After we went to Seventh and Grand which shares a lobby with the restaurant- talk about convenient! I hadn’t been to seventh and grand since grad school but it still seemed to be a popular spot. It’s a whiskey bar with kitschy country décor complete with antlers on the walls and plaid wallpaper. We ordered mint juleps which came in metal cups with shaved ice- so yummy! Definitely going to try a few recipes at home and see if I can replicate the goodness.

On Sunday Steve and I walked over to Syrup for some coffee. It’s only a block away and somehow we have never made it there! I couldn’t resist trying a red velvet latte. It was tasty! Then we decided to check out some apartments in the area. We are happy at our place but they are raising the rent slightly and we figured it was worth looking around. We went to a bunch of places and it was fun to check out the market. Overall I think we are at the best place. Nowhere else has the character and amenities that our building does. Not one hundred percent sure yet but we are leaning towards renewing our lease for another year.  Let’s face it- moving is a pain!


Sunday night Ali and I had a makeup Mother’s Day Celebration with our dearest Mom. We planned a fun and different celebration by checking out Heart and Pole in Hermosa. It was fun to try something different and it was a great work out also! Trina the owner gave us a private lesson and she was fantastic! After we grabbed a bite at The Tin Roof. The Brussels sprouts there are to die for and we had to get two large orders for just the four of us. I liked them so much I might just order it as an entrée next time! We had so much fun and I feel blessed to have an awesome family that I love to hang out with. We missed Sarah though who is off adventuring in Boston this Summer. I am hoping to get out there to visit!


Hope your weekend was fab!

love and candy,