I have been finding that the crazier my weeks are, the sweeter the weekends are! I still wish things at work would calm down a little bit, but let me tell you, Friday’s never felt so good. Here are some of the highlights from my oh-so-awesome weekend!

Our first time on the LA Metro. Super impressed!

HARD Music Festival downtown (thank you iphone for the blurry picture!)

Chromeo playing at HARD Friday Night

Neon and happy. Note Steve’s earplugs #hazardsofgettingold

Refueling Sat morning with some brunch before night 2.

Night 2 at HARD Summer.

Sunday we bought office furniture and went on an epic brunch fest. Which turned into an epic fail. We yelped and found a high rated spot, Jacks N Joe and made the trek only to find that the store were closed because they were gone fishing. Literally. As in a sign on the door saying “all of us have gone fishing and we are closed”. Seriously? So instead we went to The Griddle. Yep, just like the good ole USC sorority days! Thankfully the place and the food seemed to have improved quite a bit, probably because of all of the new competition! Then Steve had the pleasure of building all of our new furniture- look how happy he is!

While the sweet boy was hard at work I got to see a dear old friend who was visiting from SF for dinner at the coral tree cafe with the whole college crew.

Well done weekend, well done.

love and candy,