Sunday night I got that horrible feeling of panic that the weekend was coming to an end. I sometimes think that if I could just have three day weekends every week I would be happy. Although I’m sure if I had three day weekends I would want four day weekends. I digress. As short as the weekend seemed, we had such a fun time in the mountains. One of my besties has a family cabin in Big Bear and we drove up Friday for a little couples getaway. We got there before they arrived and although she gave us the alarm code, I still managed to set off the alarm. The cops came and everything. A very dramatic and comedic start to our trip! Thankfully no arrests were made. The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of wine, hikes, good eats, boating and game playing. It was a ton of fun and somehow very relaxing at the same time. There is something so peaceful about being out in nature, away from noisy city streets and smog. I love you DTLA but sometimes it’s nice to get away! Another thing I love is that we don’t get cell reception at the cabin. It was a good reminder of how dependent I can get on my phone. When I am lounging around at home I find myself constantly checking emails, or instagram, or facebook. Not having the option made me realize that it’s a distraction that I can and should cut back on. Oh- and I also learned that I am terrible at the card game Spades.









So fun to get away with good friends.

love and candy,