Group Shot in Winter Park

In case you missed my slew of instagrams, we spent last weekend in Winter Park, Colorado, and it was a total blast. We went with a group of ten friends from Steve’s business school days (whom I love despite the fact that they are bruins) who flew in from across the US. It snowed on our way in and on our way out but the two days on the mountain the sun was shining. Talk about lucky!

snowflakes on windshield

Snow Love

Steve and I playing in the snow

Winter Park Snowboarding shot

Devil's Thumb Ranch Winter Park

The photos above and below are at the beautiful Devil’s Thumb Ranch where we had our ladies spa day. I don’t know what it is about snowboarding but no matter how good of shape I am in, I am¬†always¬†sore after which made my massage even more amazing. We also went to the Devil’s Thumb Ranch House Restaurant for dinner one night. The best way I can describe the place is “ranch-chic”, offering menu items like bison and elk paired with fine wines and hefty price tags. I stuck with the short ribs, not too adventurous, but definitely delicious. If anyone has the urge to get married in Colorado you should definitely check this place out, it would make a killer venue! The ladies at the Devil's Thumb Ranch Spa



roses in snow

And last but not least, my perfect roses that refused to wilt or die even after traveling to the mountains in a champagne box. I was so sad to toss them out but now they will live on forever thanks to this photo, and the internet : )

love and candy