I’m a words girl. I get inspired by quotes and clever phrases.  I needed a little inspo, so yesterday I decided to use thirty minutes to come up with a wall hanging for my office. I wanted something that would remind me to put my head down and grind- but also to have fun. I looked at a bunch of quotes, but realized that they were too hard to read, or too long, or too serious, or just not right. So I went simple. I brainstormed single words that if I looked at on my wall I would react to. The winner was  “HUSTLE”. Maybe it’s from years of high school sports, or maybe from too many rap songs, but I love the word hustle. To me it’s about working hard, with a little swagger.  If all else fails, if you are hustling, stuff gets done. Put your head down and do the work, instead of stressing over the details. So I got hustling and made this cute little DIY sign.

hustle (1 of 5)

^ I used stickers on 8 x 10 canvas to write out my word. Make sure the stickers are down super tight, and using thick stickers makes it easier to remove them after you paint them.

hustle (2 of 5)

^ Grab some spray paint, I chose my all time favorite- bling gold

hustle (3 of 5)

^Spray it down

hustle (4 of 5)

^Remove the letters after it’s dry.   Frame, and enjoy!

hustle (5 of 5)

love and candy,