Working on my 2011 scrapbook!


I’m doing a few pages on each month, so far I’m up to July… Half way there! I’m using a Kolo Catalina album and just ordered one for 2012 also. The photo makes the album look red but in reality it is “Mango”. I went for “Ocean” for 2012.

I got inspiration for this project from a sorority sister who has a great blog. Here is her post about her process. Instead of getting larger pictures, I decided instead to use the extra space to journal and add mementos or flair.


I’m hoping to start doing each month as it passes so it’s less of a task at the end of the year. As you can see- it’s quite a (messy) process!


My goal is to finish by Feb 6th when my 2012 album is scheduled to arrive… Wish me luck!

Love and Candy,